Meet the Puma team

Puma is a cutting edge browser focused on privacy and making new crypto protocols easy to use on your mobile phone.

Today, we enable native IPFS, HNS & ENS support. We’re also very excited to explore what new GPT models can do for improving browsing and content discovery experiences.

Long term, our goal is to help 1b people access to the p2p- and ownership-based economy and to make your browser much smarter.

We recently crossed 500k downloads and are excited to grow the team.

Your browser is your connection to the web. It should serve you, not the ad industry.

We are


The whole world will be telling you why you’re going to fail as a startup. You need that internal fire of belief


Killed a cat, but also source of tons of learning and inspiration


It costs nothing to be kind and it is amazing

Our humans



Yuriy Dybskiy is a founder of Puma Browser, the first mobile web browser with micropayments built in.

Previously they worked with the following companies: Lyft, Parse, Meteor, Cloudant and a few others. They helped organize Apache CouchDB Conf and Worldwide Meteor Day and had a bunch of startup explorations that led to “experience” rather than great outcomes.

Outside of work they enjoy spending time in nature, playing tennis, basketball, reading, taking photos and dancing Argentine Tango.


Founding Engineer

Polina Sergeyenko is a founding engineer for Puma Browser.  

They have a diverse background of industries and technologies ranging from health care and web security to financial markets. Among the most notable employers are RBC and Algorithmics (presently IBM).

Industry related passions are private, safe and fair internet, and artificial intelligence.

Other interests include horseback riding, hiking, skiing, learning and raising two daughters.


Founding Engineer

Previously co-founding and being a solo engineer of an employer branding software startup Ruutly. He built an integration with the applicant tracking systems for customers like Siemens, Johnson & Johnson to enhance their employer branding and instrument analytics.

He specializes in React and building performant full-stack applications. He built the early prototype of Puma Browser and the integration with Coil.

In his free time, Sergiy enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding in places across Canada and hanging out with his Goldendoodle, Luna.


Product Designer

Anastasia is a digital product designer with a huge passion for her craft. She has worked with a bunch of interesting startups, always with love and kind irony, which gives her work a special charm.

Anastasia makes user-friendly interfaces for applications and websites, draws cool illustrations, comes up with graphic concepts, and does animation things.

In addition to design, Anastasia loves hiking, finds a lot of inspiration in nature. She loves British comedy, sci-fi, running, meditation, rock 'n' roll, and the internet.
Especially the internet.


Head of strategy, Advisor

Amber Case is an internationally recognized design advocate, speaker and author working to improve the interaction between people and technology. She travelled for five years with her most popular book, Calm Technology, a method of designing technology that smoothly works alongside humans. Currently a researcher at the Institute for the Future.

Case is the former co-founder and CEO of Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri. Case was named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, and received a Bell Labs Shannon Visionary Award.


Technical Writer

Toby is a Technical Writer on the Puma Browser team.

Toby is a writer, musician, and developer. He has worked in web development on and off for the past ten years alongside a five-year career in experimental live performance, music production, and composition.  He has a degree in Computer Science and is currently working towards a degree in Creative Coding and Immersive Technology.

Outside of work and school, he co-runs a DIY tape label and, formerly, an underground arts venue. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with his partner along with their cat, Muffin.


iCMO, Advisor

Andrey is designer, marketer, pet enthusiast, who co-founded Petcube, a company that connects pets to the Internet. Later on he started to help fellow founders with their design and video goals.

Andrey went through Y Combinator, HAX and a lot of trouble to earn 3 Red Dot Awards for product design.

When not managing things and people he enjoys basketball (IRL and 2K), logging movies to Letterboxd, and bragging about his vegan lifestyle.

Our Pumas


Muffin is a diluted calico who was impulsively adopted from Craigslist by her guardian. She is extremely talkative; demanding attention, food and playtime throughout each day. She enjoys attacking stringlike objects, outside playtime during good weather, and inside lap time during poor weather.


Designer Anastasia's muse. World champion in purring, holder of a black belt in hugs.

He loves cakes, unlike his mistress, so she has to buy sweets for him. It is bad for her diet, but the desire of the Cat is the Law.

Our Investors & Advisors

Stefan Thomas  

Founder, Coil
Co-creator of Interledger

Sridhar Ramaswamy

Founder, Neeva
Partner at Greylock

Don Ho

Director, Quantstamp
Partner at Pioneer Fund

Mike Miller

Founder Cloudant acquired by IBM, partner at

Reed McGinley-Stempel

Founder, Stytch

Evan Schwartz

Co-creator of Interledger,

Greg Kidd

Founder, GlobaliD
Partner at Hard Yaka

Brian Kerr & Scott Stuart

Founders, Kava Labs

Eric Dadoun

Chief Growth Officer at RISE

Jeff Griffiths

Mozilla, Director, Firefox Browsers

Joseph Kristoffer

Brand and Marketing at Pebble, Fitbit, Embark Trucks

Jon McLachlan

Security Engineer at Apple, UnifyID, Pure Storage