Amber Case Joins Puma as Strategic Advisor

We’re excited to announce that Amber Case is joining the Puma Browser team as a strategic advisor! Amber has a long history in tech, as a startup CEO, a world traveling speaker, and as a writer of books and long-form web content. Her recent experience writing about web monetization and digital currency makes her the perfect candidate to guide Puma at this stage in its development. She has a passion for humanism and calm technology that prioritizes its users and their needs. This is in line with Puma's goals - to empower users and move away from the dominant ad model of the web which has resulted in waves of privacy violations and negatively affected the user experience of the web.

Case is enthusiastic about Puma's new model for payments and believes it is a necessary step toward a better, freer web that empowers creators in a new and seamless way. She is excited about Puma's partnership with Coil to make this model of web monetization a reality and hopefully bring about a major change that is needed for the future of the web.

As a calm tech author and enthusiast, she is also excited to see how Puma implements browser design changes, which have been stagnant over the last few decades. "A design shift has been sorely needed for years if not decades and I'm excited to see Puma focus on innovating in this area."

Case and Puma founder Yuriy have been connected since Case’s time as founder of Geoloqi, an early mobile location platform. Since then, she's advised over a dozen startups, and created a number of her own. She is excited to reconnect with Yuriy and work with his team to push Puma forward and usher in a new era of web browsing and web payments. 

This news comes on the heels of another exciting and related announcement. Case recently accepted a fellowship at Mozilla! As a fellow, Case will look at systems of compensation, create a map of the territory, and map out alternatives to how our current online experience could evolve. “Mozilla fellowships are devoted to the prospect of a free and healthy internet”, Case says, “and it will be an honor to have the time to write about something I’ve been increasingly interested in — the future of money, alternative business models on the web, and how we can generate new business models for creator compensation.” 

"I'm joining Puma as an advisor because I believe in alternatives to payments on the web. Puma is a standout browser, helping to pioneer this new field with the audacity to implement and experiment in the future of creator compensation and privacy. And I've been really impressed by what Puma's partnership with Coil is bringing in terms of leadership to the new ecosystem of payments. They are leaders for a major change in web payments, browsing and user privacy and are developing quickly."

We’re excited to receive guidance and support from Amber Case, who recently co-hosted the Future of Micropayments conference. Puma helped to sponsor and speak at this conference, and recently debuted their blog with a piece recapping the conference. 

You can see her latest fireside chat on micropayments with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff at the conference here, or check out the playlist of all of the conference talks here!

You can learn more about Case’s work at and at

- Amber & Yuriy