Puma acquires Netscape

Excited to announce that Puma Browser has acquired Netscape! We believe internet is the future despite what skeptics say.

We were amazed by style and the progress Netscape team made in such a short time. SSL, JavaScript, <img> tag are the tiny part of what they were able to ship. While they failed to implement HTTP 402 and have payments built in we are excited to join forces and continue the work started.

Most of the Netscape team unfortunately won't be joining but the product will be deeply integrated and you can already see it in our iOS app if you go to Settings -> Theme -> Netscape.

Netscape theme enabled on iOS app

What's next for Netscape team

Marc Andreessen said it's time to build and that he'll be focusing on venture, media and bringing 2x default audio speed to platforms like Clubhouse and others. We're really excited how much time it will save for so many people.

When asked if Ben Horowitz would like to be the CEO of a new company, he said:

I'm too rich. To be a CEO of a company like this you gotta be *****. A man has got to know his limits, you know how hard the job is.

If you're going to give somebody a really really really hard, nearly impossible job, it really helps if they are not rich. That's a good hiring tip as well. At some point rich people are just like "this is too hard, I'm going to the beach" (via a16z Infra podcast Interview at timestamp 03:05, amazing podcast otherwise too).

Brendan Eich said that the Lion's share of his time will be dedicated to a new project that we're really excited about as well.

What's next for Puma

We'll be sharing more on what are building and why so stay tuned and happy April 1st!

- Yuriy and the rest of Puma team