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Puma is a cutting edge browser focused on making new crypto protocols and LLMs easy to discover and use on your mobile phone. Private by design.

Hi all, I’m Yuriy, founder of Puma Browser. I've previously worked in developer relations at Cloudant (YC S08), Meteor (YC S11), Parse (YC S11), and explored AI/ML (computer vision for self-driving cars) before diving deep into crypto. I view crypto as primarily a developer platform and an experiment in building an open financial system, which unfortunately comes with politics, hype, and price rollercoasters.

We started with the idea of a privacy-first browser with built-in micropayments (via the Interledger Protocol) and have since added support for identity (HNS, ENS; Unstoppable Domains in testing) and storage (IPFS; Arweave in testing). Our next steps include wallets for main chains and experiments with GPT/LLMs and gaming.

We recently surpassed 750k downloads and are excited to grow our team. Our backers include Protocol Labs, Hard Yaka, Shima Capital, Fenbushi, Don Ho (Orange DAO, Quantstamp), Sridhar Ramaswamy (Neeva, Greylock), Jason Warner (ex-GitHub CTO, VP Eng Heroku & Canonical), Illia Polosukhin (NEAR Protocol) and many more.

Our Values: Optimism, Curiosity, Speed, Kindness, and Grit.