Head of Memes & Growth

Full Time / Part Time

Puma is an experimental browser focused on privacy and making new crypto & web3 protocols easy to use on your mobile phone.

We recently crossed 500k downloads and are looking to get to 1m and then 1b 🙂.


  1. Make great memes and run our socials.
  2. Grow community and app usage.

What we offer:

  • We’re remote-first
  • One recurring weekly meeting to maximize state of flow
  • Capital efficient company with long runway
  • We’re very careful with growth and never had to do layoffs
  • Competitive compensation and equity package

How to apply

👉 Please email  careers@pumabrowser.com with the following:

  • Resume and a short note on “Why I’m excited to join Puma?”.
  • Link socials, portfolio, and/or best 10-15 posts that you made.
  • What’s the most impressive growth hack or campaign that you’ve run?
  • What’s a fun thing you’ve learnt recently?

Interviewing process:

  1. Intro call (45 min)
  2. Take home task
  3. Final call

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